The personal Science Framework

The Center for Personal Science is influenced by the study of the social and biological aspects of the human being. It relates to psychology, economics, and medical science. We study deeply aspects that are directly related to human life. Then provide education about how to overcome challenges that can be encountered in everyday life. We not only provide solutions, but we provide tools that can be used in the future so that you can overcome problems and become the best version of yourself.

We have 46 domains and 126 elements in total. The internal context is for the domains and elements that originate and inhabit each individual (i.e physical self, financial self, active self). Domains in the internal context contribute the most significantly and affect an individual’s life. Four domains are in the internal context. The external context is for the domains and elements that included someone’s involvement in an activity, interpersonal relationships, and community. And outer circle context shows how the environment can affect someone’s happiness.

Personal Science Framework

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